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Ladies, know thy selves! I want to introduce some of you to a little analysis tool called a SWOT analysis. Now some you have heard of this before while others have not. There’s no great mystery, in fact, you probably already employ this strategy on a daily basis without realizing its also a business tool. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Now how can this benefit you? This is an analytical framework which can help you filter out variables which can clutter your decision-making process.

Get a piece of paper and divide it up into four sections (2 over 2) like the picture shown and label the the top two boxes Strength and Weakness and the bottom two Opportunity and Threat. Analyze Strengths and Weaknesses from an internal point of view and Opportunities and Threats in the context of your goal (e.g. moving to Italy, starting a business abroad, etc.). Once you have filled in each area, and some will be longer/shorter than others, you should begin to see a relational view of the blocks. In other words lets say one of your listed strengths is having a degree, a particular certification/license along with several years of working in this field and you’ve developed a strong skill-set. Now look at your opportunities; how can you leverage your strength into great opportunity for employment, new job or a promotion. Likewise, if there is a threat and you now know your weaknesses and potential exploitative threats, you can now devise strategies to either minimize or avoid the threat altogether. Its important that you’re honest with yourselves, remember, this a tool for improvement not judgment.