I want to introduce myself and give you a bit of my background but I think the first thing to be said is this: the following are my personal opinions and personal experiences. As with most blogs and online accounts, I am sure they will be scrutinized and commented upon by those who take a counter position to my thoughts or have completely different encounters, but hey that’s life and I will not engage in commentary arguments.

I arrived in Doha for the second time (not counting layovers) in the beginning of May 2009. My first trip here, in 2006, was brief and I fell in love with the small city. It reminded me in a strange way of home, the ever-present sight of construction cranes, a small physical area but extraordinarily international population. However, I did not move here instead I found myself back in South America, Buenos Aires to be precise.

Nevertheless, this time I plan to stay! Qatar’s overall stability, functioning services and the feeling of personal safety are just too much of an attraction for a woman who spent the first 4 months of the year living in Colombia, South Africa and India—not exactly the safest, most efficient or stablest places on planet. And no, I would never consider returning to America, it’s just not an option. I’ve never really liked it there; except for quick vacations to visit friends and family or take advantage of opposite season cothing sales.

Some other random but non-the-less essential facts to understanding my stories are:

  • I speak French, Spanish, Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole – so I’m prone to meeting and engaging with people who speak limited to no English;
  • I have lived in 7 or 8 countries and visited over 40 – so I have become very aware of the fact that I am American but moreover completely enjoy yet respect the fact that I am a guest in someone else’s country;
  • I work as a freelance designer, copy-editor and grant writer – so long as there is an internet connection I can work;
  • I grew up in Washington, DC – more on that later;
  • I’ve been mistaken for just about every non-European nationality – this only happens outside of the US unless I open my mouth and start speaking American English;
  • And perhaps most important, I began traveling the world with my parents at 6 months old – so I have a deep wanderlust that does not allow me to be happy working a 9-5 in the States only taking a brief 7 day jaunt once a year to the Caribbean.

I hope that you will enjoy my little tales of life in Doha.