This is My Story

I was brought up in the mid-Atlantic of the United States. Raised in both rural and urban environments, I learned from early childhood how to adapt, be flexible and have an open mind. Characteristics which remain a strong part of me today. I was an average student with average friends who most of the time did average things. Life became more difficult as a teenager; I didn’t always fit in with my peers, but looking back I see it was a blessing in many respects. If anything, the experience allowed me to develop different interests, musical tastes, hair styles (natural before it was back in style), and it gave me the chance to do things and go places alone. After several years online, I now feel it’s time to add my voice and fill in the ‘actionable info’ space. Welcome to Expat Noire and I hope you find something to help improve your life!

I started this site out of concern and love for the plight of Black Women (BW) and lives not fulfilled and lived…including my own. I know from experience that BW are socially ushered into unsatisfying lifestyles made worse by questionable life choices so hopefully this site will help someone, preferably many, engage the world anew and want to jump out into it and take a piece for themselves.