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You don’t need to become an economist to have some basic level of economic literacy. Understanding how major events, predictions and population changes (to name a few) can impact global markets only helps to narrow your decision in finding your potential new home. If you haven’t done so already, please watch Dambisa Moyo’s TED Talk.

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How Does The Local Economy Work?

Now that you’re beginning to look at the global economic picture, focusing on the regional/local economic picture is your next step. Nations with stable or growing economies are going to be more welcoming than those with instability lagging growth. Use online tools to check the economic stability of any country. 

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The Job Market?

Before you move to a new country, look at the strength of the job market. See what skills are needed and if they match up with your own. One thing I’ve begun doing is looking at multinational organizations to see if there are openings which I could apply for and plan for global transfer in the future. Are you in a position to create your own job? Do you have skills which would allow you to act as a consultant and hire out your services? These are two questions to consider. For individuals who have years of experience and a skill set that is coveted (medical field, scientist, web design, etc) research global corporations which have internships or are hiring. 

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Knowing Yourself

Ladies, know thy selves! I want to introduce some of you to a little analysis tool called a SWOT analysis. Now some you have heard of this before while others have not. There’s no great mystery, in fact, you probably employ this strategy on a daily basis without realizing it’s also a business tool. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Personal SWOT

Creating Community

While it would be great for a critical mass of us to find our happiness living abroad the reality is the bulk of us will live here in the US (or other countries of origin) so this means maximizing life and opportunities to our benefit. To that end I would suggest...

Taking Control of Your Life

When it was time for me to take control of my life there were many things I had to address and one of the biggest was telling myself it was ok to be me. Somewhere along my journey I learned the lesson that I was wrong. Me. The person I was did not meet conventional...

The Michael Jackson Experience

I have to say I was not happy about still being in Qatar this past Friday night, but since the fights back to DC was overbooked (was trying get home to see a sick family member) I opted to hang out with some friends. They suggested the Qube, which I had never been to...

An American in Doha

I want to introduce myself and give you a bit of my background but I think the first thing to be said is this: the following are my personal opinions and personal experiences. As with most blogs and online accounts, I am sure they will be scrutinized and commented...

American Schools Abroad

The mission of the Office of Overseas Schools is to promote quality educational opportunities at the elementary and secondary level for dependents of American citizens carrying out our programs and interests of the U.S. Government abroad. Our efforts are to increase...

Salihah Simone

This is My Story Growing up, I traveled throughout the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Africa with my parents. As a freshman in high school, they parents sent me to the Cote d’Ivoire as an exchange student to be sure that I would understand how fortunate I was to...

Are you ready to make a home away from home?

The decision to live and work abroad can be a wonderful idea, however to make sure your experience is worthwhile and as smooth as possible, Expat Noire believes if you’re considering a move, it makes sense to understand regional economic trends, and how they can impact you. Some might wonder: ‘Why do I need to know that depth of information if I just want to find a nice quiet little corner of the world and enjoy life?’. This sounds great but I’ll tell you why it matters. The reason it matters is because your ability to support yourself overseas will be determined by the health of the local and regional economy. For starters, you will need to know is the job sector robust, and what are the effective tax rates for foreigners.

For more on this subject please watching this TED Talk with economist Dambisa Moyo:

Now this is not to scare anyone away, it’s to introduce readers to a real world discussion of economic growth. Think about this talk in the context of you living abroad for extended periods (or permanently), and how you must understand your environment to achieve a high quality life.


My purpose for starting this website is simple: I want better for Black Women. I want us to become fully engaged in the world around us without the shackles of societal or cultural guilt. We have been paying a debt we never accrued and this must end. This site to me is part of the logical next phase of practical application in the BWE conversation. I am going to focus on practical real-world activities to help you create the life you want. What I plan to do is try and answer the “Whats next” or “How to” questions as well as create guidelines for mobilization, making the potential, kinetic. The BWE community has done a wonderful job laying the foundation and philosophies which drives many of the conversations/blogs out here today. I hope this site will act as a complement to their years of efforts. Lets get started, shall we?

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I was born and raised in the mid-Atlantic of the United States. Raised in both a rural and urban environment the ability to adapt, be flexible and have an open mind has always been part of who I was since childhood. I was an average student with average friends who most of the time did average things.

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